Our goal is to enable our patients to have healthy and beautiful teeth all their lives and that is how we have aligned our range of services which now cover all areas of modern dentistry. Here is an overview of some of our main specialisms:

Prevention through prophylaxis is particularly important for long-term teeth preservation – numerous long-term studies document this. Professional teeth cleaning is therefore one of the main specialisms of our practice.

The most common cause of tooth loss in adults is untreated periodontitis which is often detected too late or treated inadequately. Our team of dental hygienists and dentists specialising in periodontology have a high level of expertise in helping affected patients and providing long-term protection against periodontitis.

For missing teeth, we mostly recommend implants. Our computer-aided bone analysis and  minimally invasive treatment methods reduce unpleasant side effects such as pain and swelling to a minimum.

If tooth substance needs replacing, we work with crowns and inlays. Extremely high fitting accuracy, long life cycle and the natural look that is hardly distinguishable from real teeth, are all characteristics of  the work of our dental laboratory specialists.

If our patients want us to correct the position of their misaligned teeth, we recommend the so-called Invisalign method. These transparent aligners are unlike other braces as they are not only flexible and easy to use, but also nearly invisible. We also make individual aligners for protecting teeth and the mandibular joint when crunching and clenching occurs. 

Gaps between the front teeth, chipped corners, stubborn stains or other deformities of the front teeth can be corrected using veneers. These are ultra-thin ceramic veneers customised on an individual basis by our dental technicians in the laboratory with maximum colour and shape accuracy. 

Naturally beautiful white teeth – we can fulfil this wish using bleaching. The methods we use for teeth whitening are completely harmless to teeth and gums.

Is there anything else we can do for you and your teeth? Or do you have any questions? We will advise you individually and comprehensively in a personal appointment. You can also find further information in one of our books as well as the Q1 informative brochures that you may like to take home.